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Here are some Pictures of My personal Dogs.


Our dogs are part of the family. I cannot imagene what my life would be like if I did not have a dog following me everywhere, nor would I give up the large amounts of dog hair I constantly wage war on in my house if it meant I had to give up the wonderful dogs that I get to share  my life with. I use my dogs to demonstrate in my group obedience classes & I compete with my dogs in Rally and Obedience trials. I also train our labs for hunting duck, dove, pheasant and quail for my husband who is a huge bird hunter & who wishes I trained for field work more than I do! 


None of the Dogs below are For Sale.


                                                                                                                   JL'S He's No Decoy  RN

This is our sweet two year old male yellow lab "Decoy". He is a wonderful family dog and is doing well in both the field and the obedience ring. A hip condition has prevented Decoy from being shown or used very intensively, but he is the most loving dog in our pack. We use Decoy as one of our duck and dove hunting dogs and I have shown him in Rally and Obedience. He has won his RN title and is one leg away from his CD title - posting two wins in the ring.




                                                                                       Watch Me Work Tess Vom Kreftwork

"Tess" is my 15 month old female German Shepard who is from the famous Kreftwork K-9 Kennels in Washington. Thanks so much to Mark for giving me the opportunity to own this outstanding dog. I am currently training Tess for Obedience Competition & we will start showing next year. I am really excited about showing this great young German Shepard. She has tons of drive and loves to work! We plan on winning lots of titles on this girl!


Not pictured are our three wonderful longhaired miniature dachshunds Biscuit, Bama, and Shortie.

JL's Bama Pie RN or "Bama" has won her Rally Novice title and I am currently training her to continue to compete in Rally and Obedience. Biscuit and Shortie are the familes official lap dogs!  We love our little weenie dogs & we will get pictures of them up here soon!


Also not pictured is our newest dog JL's She's a Jezzabell. Thanks so much to Jessica at A-Z Vet for letting me have this great little lab. Jezzabell is the most playful and loving little lab in the world & is going to be an outstanding hunting and show dog.  I will be showing her next year in Obedience and Rally.


One of my Previous Great Dogs was JL's Honey Be Good CD RE. "Honey" has been sold and is currently working as a mobility and retrieving service dog for a wonderful family in California. Honey and I had many wins in the obedience ring and she is an outstanding hunting dog. We here at West Texas Canine College wish Elizabeth all the best with Honey. Below are some pictures of Honey working in the field and in the show ring.